Flexible Insulation Mats & Covers

What are they?

Insulation mats are pieces of flexible insulation encased inside a heat resistant machine sewn fibre cloth skin. They can be custom made to suite any application.

For example, a common use if for valve, flanges or bellows plus many, many more. See illustrated in photos below.

What applications can I use them for?

Flexible insulation mats can be used inside or outside open to the weather. They are super durable and can be made from many different materials and insulations to suite the application. They can be fit to area at heat temps from 10 deg C. to above 1000 deg C.

  • Tight areas where it is not possible to get other insulation and cladding cover.
  • Unusual sizes and shapes
  • Areas that need access – insulation mats are easy to lace up and remove and allow immediate access without calling an industrial insulator to remove fixed metal cladding.
  • Neat and tidy

Turbos, Catalytic Convertors, Bellows, Valves & Flanges, Flexible Pipes, Truck bottoms, Pipes, Man Hatches, Tank legs, etc.

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